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OK wait a minute here.....I went to the show last night totally pumped and ready for some UTOPIA.....let's say...Ikonic, Utopian, Wizardly, freakin PROG ROCK !!!!! and Todd had the audacity to come out alone, sit down at the piano and play some sappy ballads from his days in some philly band "Wooly's Bus Stop"??? - We gotta get you a man, I Saw The Dark, Goodbye It's You !!!! ok ok ok I'm kidding......

What we got was exactly as expected - a phenomenal 2 hour set of material from "TR's Utopia" & "Another Live". Band looked and sounded great - (Moogy we missed you - your karma was in the house). The Ikon, Freak Parade, The Wheel, Seven Rays, Something's Coming, Do Ya.........and of course encoring with Just One Victory.!!!! Great job on the attire Michele/Rachel - also lended itself to many comical moments from Todd :)

A great evening with great friends and another awesome Todd show.

If you love that material, do yourself a favor and catch the show or the Webcast (11/18) !!! Great job Todd, John, Kasim ,Kevin, Jesse, Ralph.

Watch out Akron !!!!

And keep your eyes and ears out for the return of Ethel !!

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11/10/2011 - Carolina Theatre - Durham, NC

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