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What a amazing show at Centerstage Atlanta as Todd and the band delivered the goods. Sure there were some mistakes and some rough spots but the band played with balls, and great energy. Todd was in great form as he sang the show, his voice sounding as good as when he recorded these albums 37 years ago. He nailed almost every lick throughout the show, no easy feat considering the material, these are not easy tunes to play on the guitar. This was an emotional and spiritual experience for me to see this material played by a musician/singer/composer/ lyricist I consider to have no equal. Our greatest American treasure. Todd still has it and delivered a memorable performance. Kasim and Jesse really filled the sound out with great backing vocals as well as amazing keyboard parts in Moogy's absence. Ralph played great solo's and nailed all the signature parts, both his and Moogy's. John Siegler provided spot on musical direction to keep Kevin Ellman and the band on the same page as well as solid in the pocket grooves and backing vocals. Atlanta loves Todd and he knows this, I heard no request for songs outside of the albums being featured. No one left this show until it was over. This was a truly amazing show that left me once again knowing that there is only one Todd Rundgren.

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11/09/2011 - Centerstage - Atlanta, GA

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