TR's Utopia Atlanta November 9 2011

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As expected, the band played virtually all of the first two Utopia albums. If that appeals to you, by all means go if you have a chance, it is a fine show.

In approximate order (by my flawed memory): Utopia Theme ... Freak Parade ... Heavy Metal Kids ... Another Life ... The Seven Rays ... Somethings Coming ... Do Ya ... The Wheel (Plugged version!) ... The Ikon ... Freedom Fighters (extended guitar solo ending) ... encoring with Just One Victory of course.

There were some missed notes, missed lyrics, and Todd struggled with the high notes (like on the "Still ... be still" section of The Ikon) but after all this band has barely played together for 35 years and it is LIVE music. I don't expect to have a chance to hear this music again played live by the principals.

Moogy Klingman's absence meant that there is less keyboard heavy sound (besides Ralph Schuckett, Kasim played keyboards virtually the entire show, though I couldn't hear him in the mix). I expect that Moogy's addition for the NY-area shows will help re-create the original sound.

The only music from TR's Utopia/Another Live that was omitted was Mr. Triscuits and what I think of as the hoedown section of The ikon (the last instrumental part before the coda, from 23:46-28:19 on the recording).

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