Todd Rundgren's Utopia @ Florida Theatre

Review by Richard H. Simpson/M. Karen Hambright (Switch to

This was the second time I've seen Todd play the beautiful Florida Theatre.

The material on the two records this band made is very complicated, even for Todd music; weird chord changes and time changes. The band was tight, but even though mistakes were made (OMG!) the point of a Todd show, from my perspective, is to have fun. It was clear that Todd and the entire band and audience had great fun. Kasim Sultan being last to leave the stage would take an extra bow!

Todd's outfit was fabulous tie-dyed heaven, playing that custom Gibson-SG with the psychedelic paint. He also played Foamy, his standard guitar these days. I was hoping to see the guitar with the all seeing eye from the first Todd Rundgren's Utopia record cover. It has a haunting sound and is absolutely beautiful. He played "Tiny Demons" on it at the last Florida Theatre show, but maybe next time.

This was my 12th Todd show, I have a life and can't follow him on tour. But every Todd show is different and this one was certainly not a let down. I left feeling re-energized and smiling. That's all I ask of a Todd show and he always delivers!

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11/06/2011 - Florida Theater - Jacksonville, FL

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