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This show reflected the end of the Florida leg of the tour. The theater in Jacksonville was beautiful--an older small theater with a large balcony and intricate detail on the ceilings, etc. It seemed that the crowd was also a little old, or maybe it was just a Sunday night or something. There were empty seats. It was cool out and starting to rain a little.

The show included the same material as Hollywood and Ft. Pierce, and although they kicked out some great stuff, collectively they were down a half a notch in their performance as things got underway. By the time they rolled into The Ikon, just past midway through the show, Ellman and Siegler were getting the timing down, but Todd was still having a little trouble hitting all of the guitar notes. Shuckett was starting to contribute more but seemed to back off a little when the going got tough. After a few shaky parts however, The Ikon ended strong and carried into a red hot performance of Freedom Fighters--which got the audience revved up for Just One....

The bus and truck were parked just outside on the main street with a black Saab in the cool drizzle. A city dwelling amateur sax musician was playing to earn dollar bills as people crossed the street. Hey Todd, how about a solo segment like in '73. That way we could yell out, "hey Todd, where's your band?"

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11/06/2011 - Florida Theater - Jacksonville, FL

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