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I especially loved Seven Rays. I'm 48 and I starting to have a tough time tying my shoes, I'm 35 lbs over weight and I cant see anything without my eye glasses. Yet, here's Todd (what ever age he is) doing lead solos on one foot hopping around in a circle and jumping on one foot while playing a killer lead. Doing these really cool flying spinning around. in the air landing on the beat ,with a guitar strapped around his shoulder.

Traveling from town to town tour the U.S. and abroad,cranking out new albums with the state of the art latest sounds, leading college football fans in "Bang On The Drum Chants" keeping in step with all the social media and totally going above and beyond at the meet and greets.

It is obvious that Todd has passion for what he does.It seems to me like a lot of work and he is a force to be reckoned with.I am not internalizing the performances I have seen in the last few nights as something which needs to be gauged in terms of accuracy on some riff work on guitar or whatever.

I look at it as a artistic experiment that dare to challenge the limits of the live experience. I absorbed the it as a psychedelic experience .

I tripped my face of so many times on MUSHROOMS and listened to those records and other records from the era as well. When I hear it I go into a spell . To hear it live is spiritual at this point. I really don't care if people think Im weird for space trips I have . Im glad Im still alive and well to be able to go see Todd do this stuff. I could care less if he fucks up a couple of little things like all these other people do. I think its one of the coolest things I ever saw. I wish I had some Mushrooms.

To tell you the truth I have no clue weather he is on cue or not , I have know Idea where the hell they are supposed to be during the performance it just sounds frickin cool.

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11/05/2011 - Ruth Eckerd Hall Capitol Theater - Clearwater, FL

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