utopia at the capital theater, Clearwater

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I read the reviews of the previous shows, so I wasn't surprised by the song list. I was surprised by the bands inability to play the songs correctly. There were just too many mistakes to mention or to point out. I think the only one on stage that knew what was going on was John.

Todd, if you've got Kaz and Jesse on retainer, let them earn their money. From previous comments I assume the line up changed. One guitar player and one main keyboardist is not going to fill out the songs they way they were written and played in 1975. Kaz, thanks for filling in when you could. Please guys step up, and help the boss out. Jesse, pick up the guitar and join in, Kaz keep learning parts and Todd...............well it's you we're paying our money to see. We love you when it's good, and we tolerate you when it's bad.

Some final words. I assume this tour has a tight budget. But sound and light technology has come so far that it's not right making the audience listen to a PA system the was designed and built 20 plus years ago. EAW 850's, give us a break. Lights, well not much to work with there, and it sounded like there wasn't much time for tweaking them.

My chance to see a great show passed by. You guys have a lot of work if you want me to buy the "Pay for View" Ill keep reading the reviews. Good Luck on the remaining dates. See ya next time around.

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11/05/2011 - Ruth Eckerd Hall Capitol Theater - Clearwater, FL

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