Sunrise Theatre Fort Pierce, FL 11.3.11

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I've been a HUGE FAN of Todd since the early 70's. Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, NAZZ was a major influence on my still forming musical taste buds..Nazz and another local favorite, Mandrake Memorial featuring the melodic harpsichord sounds.

When I learned Todd was going to perform in Ft. Pierce at the amazing Sunrise Theatre, I immediately bought tickets and raved to my wife about finally getting a chance to see the Wizard, A True Star in person. I WAS PUMPED and not even the slightest bit mind altered from the weed that used to flow softly through my brain back in the day.

What a letdown. The sound system was brutal with Todd's melodic riffs piercing my ears rather than gently pleasing my senses with guitar artistry.

After endlessly teasing my wife with the thought of hearing an amazing concert from one of my long time idols, the evening evolved into a boring odyssey of a never ending string of "prog rock" spacey tunes that frequently seemed sloppy and anything but enjoyable.

I had played some of Todd's hits for my wife before the show. We sat there, at one of the most intimate and amazing venues anywhere, waiting patiently for even one of the tunes that we came to hear. BUT, no, not even a taste of "A Dream Goes On Forever", "Can't We Just Be Friends", "Hello It's Me", "Open My Eyes", "I Saw The Light", "Cool Jerk" Rock and Roll Pussy" ...not one HIT from Todd's past.

I understand this was a Todd Rundgren and Utopia concert, but it felt like a concert for Todd and his band instead of a show for the fans who supported him through the years.

Yes, Todd is still amazing. His band is incredibly talented but on this night, about as tight as a two dollar ____. Well you know what I mean.

Todd is one of the best ever on guitar. I only wish I hadn't made my wife sit through nearly two hours of his non-stop "prog rock" show which we both did not enjoy.

At the very least Todd, through us doggies a bone in your encore with some of the music that made so many memories for those of us who are lucky enough to still be around!

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11/03/2011 - Sunrise Theater - Ft. Pierce, FL

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