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I wasn't going to write a review until I noticed a lot of conflicting reports, at which point I thought I'd throw my "two cents" in to the fray.

First, I am a longtime Todd & Utopia (version 2) fan, who had very little experience with Utopia (version 1). It was very easy for me to determine in advance on-line that this was going to be a Utopia "version 1" show with the emphasis on songs from the first two albums.

Now that I've humbled myself by admitting my naiveté when it comes to the work of Utopia from the early-mid 70's, I can tell you that despite the fact that I was not overly familiar (if at all) with the setlist from the Ft Pierce show (other than the obvious..."Do Ya" & "Just One Victory"), I thought that the show AND the music were incredible. I've now been completely familiarizing myself with the first two albums, and am wearing out "The Seven Rays"!

The music that was played at the Ft Pierce (and subsequent) shows is incredibly difficult, with key changes and time changes galore. One slip by one member, and that ship sinks. But this band was incredibly tight considering that they haven't played consistently together in decades. This kind of music breeds improvisation, reminding me a great deal of Zappa's work, but much more accessible. Todd's vocals were spotless and backing vocals were superb...Kasim is SO important to the sound, and consistently hits the mark.

Bottom-line....I thought this show was truly magical, and introduced me to a catalog of Todd/Utopia's music that I had left unstudied. I could not give this high-enough marks for musicianship and entertainment value.

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11/03/2011 - Sunrise Theater - Ft. Pierce, FL

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