Todd Rundgren's Utopia 11-3-11 Fort Pierce

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Excellent show , The Ikon is becoming a Tour de force- I can see how they are "progressing" as a band each night. ‎7 Rays is a lot of fun to dance to- but then the chorus is so powerful. What song is it that they chant "Still we are here we are still'' OMG I was dreaming about that .

Todds voice is infinitely better than for the Hits tour. He was singing with hardly any strain or fatique . The guitar playing was broken up in to "RIFFS" and "LEAD SOLOS" the lead solos were phenomenal and the riffs are more like guitar vocals - he really has his work cut out and is doing an unbelievable job at it. It is astonishing

The overall Vocal Ensemble is as good as Ive ever heard.

Kasim and Jesse are so intuitive and the support it brings to the sound is astounding Also, When the core original Utopia players remain (the 4 of them ) you can see and hear the core dynamics of the BAND, you can fully passively enjoy the "PROG" Rock segments as they were originally intended. I can't get over how "MODEST" they are. They are very humble musicians - but there is more "BALLS" in the material as they are performing it. It is a bit surreal. But they are engulfed in extreme concentration and musical performance. THIS IS UTOPIA.

With regard to being modest, Todd Is still Todd, unwavering and in full Rock Star front man mode. He clearly has brought his "A" game once again !!!!!

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