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Before the show started, you could get the feeling that many of the fans in Ft. Pierce were heavily into Todd and the first Utopia material. The theater was an older venue, comfortable with nice seats, a balcony and a great atmosphere. When they pulled back the curtains, you could immediately feel the energy coming from on stage. This was going to be a different show from the night before.

It was the same set as Hollywood, but they had noticeably worked out most of the bugs that distracted slightly from the previous initial show. They opened on fire with Utopia. Kevin Ellman on drums was great and it sounded as good as ever. Todd had it mostly together on guitar and it sounded really good, but when he came in with the lyrics, the entire place went into shock. One thing that was especially consistent throughout the show was their incredible timing.....hitting all of the changes perfectly. These guys were tight and sounded fantastic. It seemed like Todd was having a great time, even without his feeding tubes on.

The show went by quickly. You could tell that this was a meaningful event to a lot of people in the audience, and there were apparently some who were lucky enough to get in a hit or two just outside. Few probably expected to ever again see the original Utopia performing together, and to hear them sounding almost exactly like before could not have been anticipated. Unfortunately, there were a few empty seats in the back and it is hard to believe that this act wouldn't sell out a place of that size for 2 or 3 shows. But for Ft. Pierce, it was a pretty good turnout. Alright Todd.

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11/03/2011 - Sunrise Theater - Ft. Pierce, FL

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