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I don't quite know what to say about Todd's performance at the Hard Rock. My opinion is Todd is over-performing and should maybe redefine his role as a live performer. I love Todd but sometimes the logistics of what he does in his career are just way off. He just released Reproduction but he's not promoting it. He spent 2 hours last Wednesday performing 2 mid 70's Utopia albums that even the most ardent Todd/utopia fan rarely plays, not that there not good albums but lets face it it's Hard Rock 2011 not Fox theater 1975! I know it's a hard pill to swallow but most people just didn't feel this show at all, I felt bad for all those disappointed fans(myself included),added to that the usual poorly rehearsed performance, eeeach!!...if i had a dollar for every cringe moment. There was literally moments where I thought a riot would ensue. These tickets aren't cheap. C'mon Todd do you let anybody give you advice as to any decision in your career. Obviously not. Bring the ego down a couple of notches and I guarantee you will make more people happy including yourself. I was in the audience I can tell you first hand people were really pissed. That said, i still love the music and although this performance will hopefully be quickly forgotten you have also provided some great moments throughout the years. And a little advice, record some more studio stuff while you got that contract at gigatone. Step back from the stage for a while, enjoy that house in Hawaii guaranteed you'll come back a new man.

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11/02/2011 - Hard Rock Casino - Hollywood, FL

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