T.R.'s Utopia Hard Rock 11-2-2011

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I had the best time . The meet and greet was really amazing . We were escorted in to the sound check and were able to watch the band truly rehearse. They were not waisting any time trying to entertain the meet and greet folks during the sound check sound check , they had work to do . That was something I really enjoyed. The layering vocal parts with Kasim and Jesse and the guitar /keyboard parts with Ralph . The sound levels and the communication with the sound board.... This is a huge "Arena" almost . The band was excellent. They had to overcome some adversities I would imagine with the absence of Moogy, but the show must go on and I learned what that really means now. I always thought was just a cliche thing to say when you run out of salsa at a super bowl party but to see in unfold in real life is praise worthy.The group is off to a great start. I really enjoy watching this level of professionalism and skill set executed . The challenge is met with grace under pressure once again and the end result is a passionate display of artistry.Ther is more going on on other levels as well. The Prog rock movementt has not been forgotten by a long shot.This is a fletting chance to grab a piece of history and like Todd said in the Sunrise theater the following night"enjoy it while you can " and i did.

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11/02/2011 - Hard Rock Casino - Hollywood, FL

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