Hard Rock Nov 2

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I love Todd. Been a fan 35 years. maybe a hundred shows. This was HORRIBLE. I felt like I was watching my 13yr old daughter perform at school and she has a meltdown or something. Todd's pain was palpable. Kinda wanted to just go up there , pull the plug, give him a hug, a bottle of Bombay Safire and say, "let's just call it a day and we'll try again tomorrow". Moogy definitely would have made a difference, but like I say to my daughter "practice,practice practice" (she actually did perform last night and did good) Todd, I know it happens once in a while and I know you always come back stronger. Thanks for the effort and not just quitting. Funny thing, as people were walking out in the middle or at the end of the show, we couldn't help notice that 4 out of every 10 was either limping, hunched over or in a wheelchair. Boy it's been a long journey since those summers at Wollman Rink Schaeffer Music Festival. ( I was the one with the dropped foot)

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11/02/2011 - Hard Rock Casino - Hollywood, FL

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