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Set list was: Utopia Theme, Freak Parade, Heavy Metal Kids, Another Life, Somethings Coming, 7 Rays, Do Ya, The Wheel, Ikon(complete ...A for effort),Freedom Fighters, and for encore Just One Victory. Overall great show, but Jesse and Kasim were just backup singers. Todds voice made up for various forgotten/missed guitar licks. Good to see Ralph Shuckett. Again, a big A for effort with what they were trying to do with a great prog-rock album re-creation.

Addendum: As an addendum to my first review, let concert goers know that the music performed is related to the first incarnation of Utopia, that is, the prog-rock, synthesizer laden ensemble---not the power pop group (Oops Wrong Planet, POV, Swing To The Right, etc.). Part of the blame for any misconceptions could be pre-concert ads. My local newspaper/free rag printed....."pop/rock icon Todd Rundgren performs his greatest hits", which was not the case. That pre-synopsis seems to follow Todd before every show. Is that just a default classic rock selling point, or is it the fault of the artist, PR, venue...? A lot of classic rock bands are currently performing whole albums live on stage( Rush, Queensryche, Motely Crue, Pink Floyd, etc.), leaving little room for requests, or hit songs. And with escalating ticket prices, disappointment ensues. Hopefully, Todd will tour with a Utopia Part 2, then a Greatest Hits Tour. I'm just glad to see them perform this one-time event( like the AWATS tour ) before all is said & done. Expect the unexpected is why we always go see Todd.

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11/02/2011 - Hard Rock Casino - Hollywood, FL

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