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The Hard Rock Theatre is part of a south Florida Indian Casino complex that attracts crowds of tourists and residents alike, both young and old. You could easily see that a lot of the people coming through the doors were definitely not Todd fans. Even my 80-year-old parents, who frequent the place often to play the slot machines, got free tickets in the mail. We knew that they wouldn't last long.

When the band took the stage, it was almost overwhelming to see the original Utopia members together again. And we got what we came for. They cranked out many of the hard core ultimate tunes, mostly from Utopia and Another, in the traditional manner. The selection could not have been better. For those who came to hear Hello It's Me, they were in the wrong place this time....sorry. Of course there were some missed notes and lyrics, but give it a break.....it was the first show of the tour and some of those songs were not exactly simple to play. To hear John Ziegler and Kevin Ellman jamming together again was beyond out-of-this world.

About midway through the show, many of the elderly had vacated, and those who didn't get out early left their hearing behind. Todd's voice was crisp and clear for the most part and the energy level was high. One of the most memorable tunes was Freak Parade.....it was hard for Ziegler to remain calm. Of course we all knew that the last selection would be Just One Victory and if you closed your eyes, it sounded almost exactly like it did in the early 70's. Way to go Todd.

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11/02/2011 - Hard Rock Casino - Hollywood, FL

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