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Mrs Pandy and I thoroughly enjoyed Ronnie Scott's last night and it was lovely to catch up with and fit faces to some of you forum folk. Thanks to Mingo for directing us to the local 'offie' to obtain pre show aperitifs. Thanks too to all we met in line for being sociable and chatty, including the French contingent gracious in the aftermath of their team's victory over the English Rugby World Cup team earlier in the day. One of whom was going to see Crosby Stills and Nash at the Royal Albert Hall but was queuing with his mates outside Ronnie's! Special thanks to Richard (Todd vet) and Claire (Todd virgin) for sharing the table with us.

We'd only booked the first house so when Kas greeted the queue outside Ronnie's to film us for his 'Back Stage Pass' website and confirmed it was to be Bossa Nova set first I felt a tinge of disappointment. In fact the set was hugely enjoyable and fun. Todd's band throughout the Bossa Nova set. The support act was the Ronnie Scott's All Stars who were technically excellent modern jazz. Very enjoyable, interesting and good accompaniment to our dining experience. Todd and band played for around 80mins and they then 'flipped' the house. We had to wend our way home. He wasn't scheduled to finish 2nd set until 1am which is way past our cocoa time! It was a good night - one to remember. We stepped into the Soho night invigorated and with much to talk about on our train journey home,with some regret at not having booked both shows. My particular faves were 'Fidelity' from Nearly Human and Espresso (what a great show song that would make should anyone write a 'juke box musical' of Todd songs). Plus 'I Was Born to Synth' whose jazzy rearrangement gave the band individual solo opportunities. What a week it's been.

Here's a stab, from memory, of the set-list. I think I got all the songs though 'not necessarily in the right order' (to coin a phrase familiar to most Brits*).

I saw the light
Love is the Answer
Can We Still Be Friends
Lost Horizon
Born to Synth (long version feat solos from all band members) 
I Want You
Hello It's Me
All songs punctuated by jolly banter and fruity percussion innuendos.

So guys -how was it for you? Tell us about the second set if you were there. Hopefully it wasn't all R Johnson songs but a selection of Todd's more blues style originals. Can't wait to hear about it.

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10/08/2011 - Ronnie Scott's - London, UK

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