Jazz Café , Wednesday 5th Oct.

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The same set as the previous night but a better performance as they were a little quieter which both improved the overall sound quality and also seemed to enable them to hear each other better. 'Courage' and 'Drive' in particular benefitted as a result. However, it is apparent that Todd's voice is showing the strain -- hopefully only temporally and as a consequence of the series of shows in a short period of time. On the introduction to 'Hawking' he really crashed and burned but had the grace, sense and humour (in fact couldn't stop his own laughter) to start again and following some water, throat clearing (some might say hawking in fact) and banter with the audience, nailed it second time around. Interestingly his inter-song patter was not the same as the night before. Top marks again for the effort and energy of the performance.

Sadly I can't get to his show this coming Saturday at Ronnie Scott's as he told us they will be doing two sets of different material: one blues and one bossa nova. I take this to mean '...Johnson' and 'With a twist' respectively of which I'd much favour the latter as I find the '...Johnson' stuff some of his least engaging. Still, it's been a treat and here's hoping he's back again soon.

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10/05/2011 - Jazz Cafe - London, UK

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