Todd at De Oosterpoort Groningen

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It was the day after the night before and together with a bunch of fans who also attended the Paradiso concert we were queuing for the Oosterpoort venue. The venue unfortunately wasn't sold out but was crowded enough for an atmospheric gig. And so it was. De Oosterpoort is extremely suited for classical music and the sound and acoustics were great. The crowd was a bit more detached as at Paradiso. Maybe due to the fact it was a seated concert or due to their regional characters.

Compared to Paradiso there was a break after Onomatopia. After the break there was a second faster version and the crowd's response was becoming more enthusiastic during this set. They even seduced Todd to a second encore (Onomatopia).

After the concert Michelle talked to some fans and explained Todd's voice was better than yesterday when he had a cold. See also my review about the Paradiso gig.

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9/25/2011 - The Oosterpoort - Groningen, The Netherlands

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