Amsterdam / venue Paradiso / September 24, 2011 concert Todd Rundgren and Metropole Orchestra

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In my life I thought I had seen special and high-level performances by Todd in the 37 years I'm a follower of the man in music. But this is not true. Todd has yet reached higher Dutch ground by means of his concert with the Metropole Orchestra. And yes it really was / is unique. Todd is unique and this Orchestra is unique. What do Dutch fans (and fans from abroad) do want more?

The show in Amsterdam had the feeling of a party for me. Good specialized musicians and Todd playing with the songs, the audience and the orchestra. But he was a bit of a director too, with respect for the orchestra. The building was too small for this mastershow! Although I attended the show with my family and friends, I could not just stand and look. I danced on Property, Hello it's me, We got to get you a woman, Fascist Christ and I saw the light. And the ballads, they just were a variation in this wellness of culture. Even the conductor and a lot of the 35 musicians of the orchestra laughed and enjoyed the show. They were a bit impressed by Todd. The show had the atmosphere of Up against it, Nearly human and Second Wind live and the recent live shows of A wizard, a true star and Todd / Healing. Compare it with really artistic high level.

The Dutch promotor and organizer Co de Kloet (Radio 6) has arranged musical history in our low lands. Compliments for him.

By our way: this concert (or a mix with the equal Groningen concert) will be audio broadcast on Januar 1, 2012 between 6 and 11 pm (Program title: Co Live). See for later information

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9/24/2011 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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