The Newton Theatre - Newton NJ

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I really didn't think The Newton Theatre was going to happen for me as it was so far away from NY but as luck would have it a bus and a car ride got me there (thanks Dave and Lisa!) It was a very nice theatre, brand new and Todd was going to be the very first concert in the Newton Theatre, how cool that they got Todd!

As luck was on our side we got there at 7:45 pm, show starting at 8, it was good that it didn't start on time because people were driving from far away, don't we always do that! Great seats, nice theatre, I believe one of the owners proposed to his girlfriend from the stage (first time I ever saw that!). Now there was only ONE problem, being that there was NO air conditioning! Since it was a new place I was very surprised but I rather deal with that then not see Todd play. The place is getting it but I don't know when.

Todd seemed much sicker tonight and I'm thinking no air could have made it worse but I'm not sure. The whole band was melting. The band was pretty understanding about it. During maybe the middle of the show a big fan was brought out, the band was very grateful! I had to take my shoes and socks off or I would have fainted.

Anyway, I thought the songs sounded GREAT! The one that stands out the most for me would be HAWKING. OMG! WOW! It was AMAZING! It was Fantastic to see the show again and Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie, John made it happen once again!

Thanks to DAVE for getting me to Newton and back to Penn Station in one piece and to Lisa for her kindness. Thanks to Todd for the pic & autograph in Long Island and standing in the rain! Hope you get better soon and get some rest!!! This trip was a dream come true and I'm forever grateful.

Rock Love, Karen

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9/09/2011 - The Newton Theatre - Newton, NJ

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