Boulton Center - Bay Shore NY - 9.7.11

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The reason why I flew to NY from Chicago was Todd never came to Chicago for this tour which I still really don't understand as he could have sold out 2 shows easily there but whatever the reason you go where it is and that's what I did.

I truly LOVE every single song on this tour! Some I've never seen, some I've seen a very long time ago and some recently, it was a WONDERFUL combination of songs and a DREAM come true.

Flew in to Long Island in the afternoon and took two buses to get to the venue. Thank you to the kindness of the first bus driver and a bus rider on the second bus who helped me to get to the Boulton Center. Hung out and ate at a GREAT Place called Milk & Sugar which was two doors down from the Boulton Center. If you ever have time before a show, go there! Met Martin who was buying my extra tik for the Newton show, such a kind person, thanks to Doug for hooking us up. Martin was kind enough to put my luggage in his van (thank goodness I packed light) and off to the concert I went. Even though I didn't have seats up front, people were right, no matter where you sit it's a great seat! Great place, comfortable seats and I thought the sound was pretty good.

The guy I was sitting by was so nice, we talked about all different tours, songs, places, it was so much fun! As always, Todd did not disappoint, you could hardly tell he was sick because, he was joking, laughing, running up and down the stage, doing kicks etc. I thought he sounded great and again I LOVED every song! Of course I have my favorites like Determination, Lucky Guy (WOW), Lost Horizon, Fatal Flaw, Hawking, Marvin Gaye songs AND I LOVE how he ends with A Dream Goes on Forever!

Even though I was far away it was nice watching everything as a whole package, when your up front I don't feel you get that BUT when your not close you miss things that happen on the stage between the guys. I still worry when I see Todd do those kicks especially on Couldn't I Just Tell You and now not just Kasim is doing it but Jesse's kicking now too! It was pretty cool to watch though! Again, Todd was in great spirits and it really was great to watch! Songs were Fantastic, LOVE what was played and Kasim, Jesse, Prairie and John were just icing on the cake! Go if you can, there will be no regrets. It was great seeing Lisa, Kris, Patty and Lois again too!

Rock Love, Karen

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9/07/2011 - Boulton Center - Bay Shore, NY

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