Todd Rundgren @ The Coach House July,16 2011

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Next to the last show of the Todd 2011 Summer Tour. The band featured Todd on guitar, Jesse Gress on guitar, Prarie Prince on drums, Kasim Sultan on bass, and John Ferenzik on keyboards . Todd explained at the beginning of the show that this tour was a collection of songs that he felt, if he polled the audience, that these are songs the audience would want him to play. He said the setlist was designed to keep audience members from yelling out obscure songs they wanted to hear during the show. What followed was a dream setlist for the die-hard Todd fan. How many Todd shows in the past did we sit through "Love in Action" or "Lysistrada" and wished he'd played something/anything besides the standard rawk material. Well tonite he did just that. I did not look at the setlists or reviews posted prior to the show, which made the experience that much better. My big Wow moment was when he played "Determination". I was like Whaaaaat??? OMG! After each song in the set, my friend would say "about time he played something good". "Hawking" was also an unexpected high point. To belt that one out midway through a musically pretty tough set, was well, outstanding. Funny moment in the show: The obligatory drunk chick at the next table over yells out CLEVELAND! (because that what was printed on Todd's shirt). Todd replies - "OK now use that word in a sentence" ! Great band, great set, awesome show.

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7/16/2011 - Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA

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