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Well this really mixed great. The previous review someone submitted was accurate in terms of the live broad cast mix. However I disagree whole hearted with regard to any of the artist being sub standard. I'm no trying to call the guy a lyin- ass Mother F_ _ _ er but before you go slinging shit at my boy TR you should get all the facts and be a little more gracious with the comments.What you here in an rough mix audience perspective is subject to MANY variables - the consummate professional realizes this , and Todd kept his side of the street clean and the chips feel right in place - thats YEARS of experience right there-Enough on that.!!!!!!

The web cast on demand streaming event is mix great and there is an abundance of lyrics , melodies, riffs , grooves, harmonies,songs, verse's, chorus', bass lines, feeling, thought provoking themes,keys,drums, guitars , vocals , dance/trance feel good vibes, nostalgic staples of seventies, eighties, nineties and 2000's and even 2010's , blues, ballads, rockers,salsa , meringue, bossa nova, punk/wave fusion prog rock & even a little visit from the SOULMAN spirit James Brown ..................This was the complete Todd Rundgren epilogue . This was a story about an American Poet who dares to dream and share those dreams and make them our own.

I saw the Boulton Center in Long Island and the next night we went to BB kings and I think I have a pretty good frame of reference when I say that this web cast streaming event is not a matter of $20 dollars but to be a part of something you will have tug at your heart strings and jog your fond memory banks and be able to enjoy for months to come !!!

Rock Love , Lysitrata, Secret Society, Black Maria, Love In Action, Very Last Time,I Cant Stop Running,Hope Im Around ... are some of the songs- and Bang On the Drum(the way they did it live with the New Cars like on the album ) are some of the songs I would hope to see on a Rundgren's Greatest Hits revisited - shit as I sit here typing this out , I can easily think of 4 shows worth of my own personal greatest hit ......

This show was such a great show that I am so glad to have it for 3 months. Todd knows the power of these songs he wrote !!!

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