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I know this is pretty much stating the obvious, but I'd never, really, realized how important Todd's vocals are to any show. His style of singing brings so much of the emotion and heart to every song. So it was a little difficult at first to him hear valiantly struggle through last night's set. (the show must go on) Fortunately there were plenty of songs where it didn't matter, and the band and setlist were so good, after a while, I didn't care if Todd couldn't hit every note. He was still singing his guts out and and putting on a hell of a show. I was sitting next to a couple who fell in love with Todd's music in the 70's when they heard "Something/Anything." This was their first Todd show. Knowing the setlist in advance, I told them he was going to play a few songs from the record. So, it was kind of funny when Todd started that running gag where the band would just start the count in to "Hello, It's Me," then kick into something totally different. I looked over to see if they were annoyed but they were totally loving it. Favorites for me last night: Lucky Guy, Espresso, Lost Horizon, Fatal Flaw, Soul Brother, I Want You, Hawking, Courage and and an epic version of Drive Thanks for pulling that one out of vaults Todd. Please get well and come back to LA soon. I'd love to hear this show again with your voice at 100%.

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7/15/2011 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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