Summerfest 7-10-11

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I've traveled high and low to see this guy and his band whenever I can. This means witnessing many mediocre/great to fantastic performances. For this one, I once again braved Summerfest here in Milwaukee. It's not a place to be if you don't like crowds. Todd's last gig here was with the New Cars and that was back in 2007. The actual stage that they get hooked up with can vary from an "outdoor" venue to a "covered" venue. This particular stage would have been great - if it was raining because it was covered, but this may have contributed to a less than optimal sound quality. But no complaints because it is Todd after all. Just to hear Determination was worth putting up with general admission and bench seating. Espresso packed a nice punch and as Todd mentioned: he may not be the loudest band there that evening but he can obviously play more notes than the others are capable of. Todd omitted Flaw.......probably due to some law of the fairgrounds. But Courage, Hawking, and Drive were well played and sung and, as always, Couldn't I Just Tell was a great way to leave the crowd with a smile before the encore.

Todd, whatever you decide to play....we will always continue to come watch and listen......just keep playing, writing, and touring. My daughter did ask how long you would continue to perform and my response alluded to a Frank Sinatra kind of persistence I hope we can all look forward too. And this goes for the guys in the band as well. And no, of course Sinatra couldn't pull off a twirling scissor kick even at a younger age. I'm amazed....keep it up and see you on the next tour.

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7/10/2011 - Summerfest - Milwaukee, WI

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