Todd in Cleveland July 2011

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I hate to say it , but what could have been GREAT was just mediocre, Todd underwhelmed by being cheap, no stage lighting and a teeny PA , Buffalo Grass even failed to rock the house because the sound had NO ooomph, the band was relegated to standing in the dark shadows of a poorly lit stage and never hand a chance to stretch it out and wow the crowd musically. Yes, Todd sang well, and the set list was great, but talented musicians were not allowed to shine. I guess I expected more, and wound up underwhelmed and let down. Todd sang his heart out, that's for sure, but at what the ticket prices were and a sold out house a decent PA system and some lights isn't much to ask for. This tour, done with some punch, and that old Utopia magic and production could turn whole new generations on to some of the finest songs ever written and performed. The back catalog could have gotten a gigantic boost. I'm not blaming Todd, perhaps it was the promoter. I don't know, all I know is it could have been great, even Magnificent if the sound and lighting were up to par.

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7/09/2011 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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