Cleveland 07/09/11

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Dancing and prancing, fleet of foot in golden sneakers Todd and the band opened with Real Man and disappeared into the night as The Dream Goes On Forever... In between flowed like incense through time and space as each song has a life of it's own. Hearing the blues and songs from Hermit Of Mink Hollow provided a perfect segue into the soul review, radio songs and high music that continued on. Jessie was layin' down the funk with some soulful picking and jazz chordings through out the set. Kasim seemed to be exploring alternate bass lines on some songs, this made an interesting combination with soulful harmony vocals by everyone through out the show. Prairie Prince is always great. His drums play the perfect sounds. Winding through all of this is John Ferenziks synthesizers and keyboards. Todd has picked a great set of songs and as always Todds lead guitar was string bending bliss and the singing was excellent. Although this concert seemed more about playing music than doing like a rock concert. I would say that after all is said and done, this show helped make me feel happy. Now if they could only learn to count...

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7/09/2011 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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