Review of Todd at the Ohio Theatre July 9th

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We drove down from Toronto for the show, (and to see a bit of Cleveland too)...definitely worth the drive all around. This was my 3rd Todd show. First time with Utopia opening for the Tubes on the POV tour, second time on the 2nd Wind tour (fantastic show, with The Pursuit of Happiness opening - Toronto band that TR produced for those of you who might not know.) So it's been a while...

Really enjoyed the show - I thought it was quite a heroic performance given the challenge of some of the songs (Determination, Hawking) with a clearly limited vocal range - at the start of the show I thought it was going to be a struggle for him, but he made it work. Seemed that he was mainly having trouble belting out the high range on the louder rocking songs, but the voice was completely fine for the ballads like Lucky Guy - one of the highlights for me.

The band is unbelievably tight - yes, the false starts were goofy, but even then, the false counts into 'Hello It's Me' that seamlessly went into entirely different songs like Courage would not be easy to pull off the way they did - great, subtle showmanship.

Todd was playful and loose, clearly having some fun with the crowd. He definitely can't resist playing some offbeat stuff even in a 'greatest hits' set - Espresso and a couple of Bossa Nova arranged tunes.

Funniest moment for me was the prudish middle-aged lady sitting in front of us who repeatedly looked around sternly when a couple of people behind us loudly yelled 'Motherfucker' (at the right time, I might add) during 'Flaw'. Clearly not a fan of the Liars album...quite funny.

All in all really glad to have a chance to see him again - even with 70% of his pipes he can put on a great show!

Come to Toronto sometime soon TR!

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7/09/2011 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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