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I'm a day late writing this review. Blame it on a crappy night at our hotel and a long drive. Let me say right up front that I'm not a Todd Head, but I married one, the Lovely Machell. Reading through some of the reviews of prior shows led us to believe that Todd was on his deathbed, that his voice was shot and the next tour may very well include rocking chairs...Don't you believe it!!!

The band was tight, Todd was playful, sharing intimacies with the audience in a way that surprised me, although I suspect the bottle of water with the blue cap helped:-), and the man sang his heart out! All I ask for at a concert, is that the performers don't make it seem like they're doing us a favor by showing up, and on this night in Cleveland, I got the feeling that they would have played even if no one was in the audience. They seemed to be having THAT much fun...For those who miss it, Todd yells at Jesse because Jesse plays the first three notes of --ahem- "Leroy Boy"...Yes, it's staged. Yes, it borders on the edge of corny, but dammit, sometimes a band just has to amuse themselves a bit.

Others, with more experience, can break down the set list, and I'll refrain from wanting to slap the ones who whine like little nancy boys about every technical glitch(buy a DVD if you want perfection!!). As a long time fan, but never a Todd Head to be, lemme just say that I don't think I could've chosen a better concert for my first time. One of the things that make Todd stand out to me, is that his songs are often "about something", and that "something", is that we can make a difference. One on one and globally, there's hope. And even if we're wrong, and there is no hope, we can still try.

Todd, at his best, is everything that rock can, and should, be...And on this night, in Cleveland of all places, I saw the light...Or at least a glimmer of it.

My only complaint, was with the Ohio Theater's #2 man in charge of security, Big Jim with the Tiny Penis Syndrome, who stood guard at the door down to the right. When the Lovely Machell left her seat at the encore to join the Todd Heads as they rushed the stage with all the menace of herd of turtles, B.J. with the T.P.S. took it upon himself to keep the world safe for democracy by pushing and shoving them all the way back to where I was sitting in the 5th row. I feared he wouldn't stop until he'd deposited them all out onto the street and I had to reach out and grab Machell as she was shoved past...But enough of B.J with the T.P.S.

Rock on Todd, you handsome son of a bitch. Don't you ever die!....Oh, and I, personally, enjoyed the intimacy that the stool allowed. You made me feel like I'd made a new friend, and that doesn't happen very often.

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7/09/2011 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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