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WOW! What a 24 hr. trip!!! Since Todd wasn't playing in Chicago (which is something I will NEVER understand) and I had airfare to use I decided to go to Cleveland because Summerfest was unfortunately out of the question this time. The band is playing at Summerfest as I write this. :(

The flights, cab rides, and hotel couldn't have been any better which helps make for a good trip! At the Chicago airport I had bought some popcorn for the crew which came in very handy later since they had nothing to eat after the show because of everything being closed, such is the life on the road! I really don't know how they do it, the unsung heroes of the shows.

Got to the Ohio Theater about 1/2 hr. before the show, it was filling up fast so I grabbed my favorite drink Riesling, (a German white wine :) which is at times hard to find) and off to my seat I went which I felt very lucky to get. My sis was supposed to go with me but the show was sold out before she could get a tik. A girl sitting next to me had a extra tik as her friend couldn't go so I ended up sitting in one of her seats as the guy sitting in front of me was too big for me to see. (I don't mean it in a mean way at all!) Just telling the truth.

The concert started with "Real Man" which brought back a lot of "great memories" from the ACappella Tour (one of my favorites). Todd's voice was a tad scratchy maybe the first two songs but after that, it was Fantastic! I don't remember ever seeing "Determination" live in my almost 33 constant years of touring and it was "Unbelievable"!!! Lucky Guy was so "GREAT" to hear! "Flaw" and "Drive" always my favorites too! The crowd was so happy to hear "Can We Still Be Friends" and of course "Hello It's Me".

The people that worked security for the Ohio Theater was pretty darn strict about not letting fans stand and no flash pictures! A guy close to me kept on standing during the show and finally the security just had it with him and through him out. I think he had too much to drink, what a surprise! They later came back for his wife so I knew he was gone for good. I sat by his seat since it was open and I was able to see really well, yeah!!! Todd sat down during the middle part of the show which I really liked!

At the beginning of the show Todd mentioned that this was a request show but no one was able to make request's from the audience (hee hee) and he didn't want anyone yelling Leroy Boy (thought that's what he said) and then he said "That's not even the name of the song!" which I thought was pretty funny but then Jesse played I believe part of the song and he got yelled at by Todd, and Todd told him he would dock him a day's pay if he did that again. (oops) Also, there was three times where Todd had to count out loud for the band to start right for the songs and he made a point to say it might be the first time the band gets it right tonight but they didn't and Todd just stood there with this displeasing look on his face. It was actually kinda funny/cute.

It was a great paced show and very enjoyable! I loved it! Security tried to hold the crowd back for the two encores (what the heck!) but he was over taken by the fans and I was able to be in front for the last two songs!!! Prairie through me a drumstick, what a shot! Always wanted one!!! Todd was nice enough to shake people's hand's during the encore which was GREAT! Oh, and nice gold shoes by the way! Love them! Thank you Todd for throwing me a pick, what a throw! Well, before you know it the show is over and it's time to say "goodbye" to everyone. The security was pushing us out right away, of course I realize they want to go home but they have to realize too, it's important to say goodbye to people we don't see very often.

Went back to the hotel, saw the band pass through, hung out with another great couple from Michigan, got to say goodbye to the crew and band except for Todd as he took a plane to Milwaukee after the show. My guess would be because Rex had a ball game on Sunday. Wanted to go to that but it didn't work out. :( It was really a great show, lots of fun and a FANTASTIC 24 hr. trip! I consider myself very lucky to have been able to go to this show. Thank you Todd for making this such an enjoyable trip (I needed it badly) but next time come to Chicago, ok? :)

Rock Love, Karen

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7/09/2011 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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