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This may come as a bit of a surprise, but this will not be a glowing review of Todd and the gang from last night. Let me first say that I have been seeing Todd perform live regularly since 1975 and I have seen some amazing shows, and some not so amazing shows over the years. Like many of you his music has had such a positive influence on my life and I can never thank him enough for his contribution in that regard.

First let's start with the venue: BB King's is certainly doing their part to go green by having the thermostat at an inappropriate setting for a muggy, hot summer night. Todd even commented about it affecting his "coif". They had a video system and the camera, stage right, needing a backfocusing something terrible. The op tried to roll the focus as best he could, but was struggling. The quality of the projectors was akin the old super 8 movies some of us may have watched in our basements as kids. My wife asked me why it kept going from color to black and white. There was no follow spot, so when Todd got on his horse and went to either side of the stage the lighting was poor, at best. The sound system was pretty good, but in the mix Ferenzik's keys were a bit low. We had some choice seats so I don't think it was our positioning.

The set list was as listed in previous reviews. Todd still seems to be struggling with a sore throat/cold or something and his voice seemed to be straining most of the night. Particularly when he needed to hit the high notes. Although it did, in my opinion, compliment one of the greatest screams in RnR history especially on the song Drive. But Todd definitely needs to be putting more of the Royal Ginseng Honey into some hot water to try and soothe the vocal cords. Half way into Real Man I'm thinking this is going to be a long night. The schtick of counting into Hello It's Me seemed a bit forced but all did a good job with their acting abilities. Todd was able to make most of his ballads sound sweet with Hawking being a highlight for me. The other highlight of the night was when Kas joined Todd front and center for the leg kicking during Couldn't I Just Tell You. This brought back so many fond memories of some great nights going to Utopia concerts. Both Todd and Kas sported huge smiles as they did this. The other highlight was being able to bring my nephew, who is a music major, to his first Todd show. Another convert!

Unfortunately these few bright spots could not overcome the trouble Todd is having with the pipes. Get healthy soon, my friend.

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7/06/2011 - BB Kings - New York, NY

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