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I've been with Todd since 1974 and I will say I am lucky to still be able to see Todd him perform. In a small place. For $40. Again...and Again...Priceless...

I once saw him comment on TEPTAE that he would go on to the point of dying onstage. I felt bad that it seemed he was trying to convey that was a possibility Wednesday night. And not only him but other members on the band as well. As a former acct manger that would often travel 5 stores in 5 states in 5 days often, you catch something on the road and feel really awful. but you walk thru the door of the store the next morning you give it youre best regardless, even when you feel you are a walking flu case. I don't think they mailed it in, this was NYC, not WhereTF is Norfolk CT? I have seen other groups cancel the day or 2 before the gig. Todd didn't disappoint this fan, just for showing up, if he was that sick...

I'm sure Todd took what he had to to get out there and not embarrass himself and croak like a frog. I'm not an Audioit but If it wasn't a speaker problem, I felt if you didn't know all the words, you wouldn't really be able to hear the words? Now, Todd's not mumbling a la bob dylan out there, his songs require range and emotion. And he did them and I like each and every one. Raspy or not. That's what makes Todd so endearing (and enduring?). When I saw the set list last week I couldn't believe my good fortune. Any songs he would have done (other than another Johnson) would have been a greatest hits show for me. Every song had meaning to me. The humor that Todd shares between songs is what I like about him too. "If it's stupid enough, it's cool". I feel bad that he felt bad, and thanks for showing up Todd and I felt I got my moneys worth...

Opening act Les July was very good. I'd like to see him again someday. About the venue BB Kings, I've been to many better. This was BB Kings flagship? Manhattan Times Square? Dark and Dank. I've been to better barns to see Todd in Texas. The screens on the side of the stage were poor quality. Bought in '83? Black and white, out of focus and color, then no color? wow, Enough said. But any place to see Todd is a good place.

Finally, my first concert with my gal pal, a new "Toddie", the lovely Miss Rita, my girlfriend of 3 years (and 3 Todd concerts) who found me after 35 years apart. Who talked me to moving back east to her after I already got us 2 tickets to see Todd in my neighborhood, San Juan Capistrano! We spent a wonderful day in the city, topped off by a Todd concert to end the perfect 2 favorite people in the world. Thanks to you both for showing up in my life!

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7/06/2011 - BB Kings - New York, NY

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