TR @ BB -Kings 7/6/11

Review by John 'Snappy' Harris (Switch to

What can I say !!! I flew in from Florida (again) for this Show. It was totaly worth every minute. It was just perfect. I was so happy that night, I had the 6 person booth.We used 5 ticketts just so we could spread out. But then I could not help but give the extra seat to a a hard cors Todd fan - !!!! Cant wait to go back to BB's in Sept.

Real Man was the opener and I felt like this was a long time coming. A best of show hand picked and sculpted by Todd.So good. I am so relaxed at this point!!! It was kismet !!!!

The show was very special. I can only say that me and my crew had a night we will always treasure !! Thanks Todd and gang !!!!!!

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7/06/2011 - BB Kings - New York, NY

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