TR @ Boulton Center /YMCA Long Island

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I flew in at 2pm from Florida and headed out to Bayshore . By the time I got out there the bus was around back at about 4:30 pm. Had a nice dinner and headed over to the tavern next door to the venue !! Kasim was wandering around talking to fans and taking pictures.Then I saw Jesse walkin around !! I started to get really excited , knowing full well I had ticketts for both nights in NY.I dont know why I had the seat that was dead center to Todds line of vision , first row in balcony, I was starting to freak me out because I wanted to just scream for joy, and I was surronded by people who must have been stoned and on Qualudes , by the 3rd song I got up and was able to dance around in the upper lobby area. I had a great time celebrating the music that I value so much. My first show was Utopia - Wolmans Rink Central Park 1979 - "UTOPIA" - I was 14years old !!!!!! Now I am 48 years old!!! Was a comforting , soothing set list! One has got to wonder how Todd organizes his thoughts & developes a set list that is saying something about who we are as Utopianites & Todd being our hero !!!!!! He really is making a statement here. I feel it, we all felt it !!!!!!Cant wait for the Web cast and the 2nd leg of this tour.

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7/05/2011 - Boulton Center - New York, NY

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