7/1/11 show in Tarrytown, NY

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Todd put on a enjoyable show Friday night at Tarrytown Music Hall, and I had the pleasure of bringing my 17 year old daughter to see Todd for the first time. The setlist was the same as previous shows on this tour and it really was a good mix of crowd favorites and more obscure songs.

During the pause after Real Man, people starting calling out requests and Todd's first comment was "we don't take requests, but if we took them, these are the songs you would have requested anyway," and then launched into Love of the Common Man much to the audience's satisfaction.

A few other notables. After a stagehand brought out a stool for Todd, he mentioned that for his 63rd birthday, he no longer has to stand for the entire show.

He picked up a towel he used to wipe off his sweat and asked the crowd which side he uses to blow his nose. Then held it up by the label and said, "Of course, the LABEL side" and proceeded to loudly blow his nose into it.

Todd played guitar for fewer than half the songs tonight. The band was rock solid, and while Jesse is no slacker and played the solos note for note, I still missed Todd's unique guitar tone and style, especially with that green Strat knockoff he seems to favor, at least for the past few non-theme tours.

His voice did not seem strong. He had to reach for the high notes and sounded scratchy most of the time. Maybe it was the cold he said he had from the hot outdoor weather and cold indoor temperatures, but to me his vocal range has been fading each time I've seen him over the past few years.

The "I'm So Proud - Ohh Baby Baby - La La Means I Love You" medley was a high point of the show for me, but why not finish it with "Cool Jerk?"

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7/01/2011 - Music Hall - Tarrytown, NY

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