Snodd’s Runtwhistle Test

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What no other reviews? Do ya think Todd actually reads these things? I think he does........Yo Todd, thanks for coming to DC! My pal Ken Reff was clever and found his way in way in before his "deli ticket" number was called. Later we would regret the well located table that Ken snagged as it was in front of one of the PAs that went up to eleven. Ken, I believe in karma, so we got burned by your cunning move!

Todd was lamenting the fact that the musically shallow Washington Post had run a piece that he was touring behind his new album, Todd Rundgren's Johnson. With Michele (Wanna be Palin) Bachmann's & Tom Petty's cease and desist drama this week, that was all the music bandwidth the paper had is my theory. As a gesture of good will, Todd did treat us to a blues song and validated for me and pal Tim Graham, that a blues show would have been better than a set list of classics. But that would have voided Todd's credo "Never give them what they want".

Despite his purported cold, Todd gave it his all. His vocals and guitar reminded me of why I was there to see the ever popular tortured artist effect.

Thank you to Roger at TRC and Doug at RR for the continued support.

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