Music Box/Borgata - Atlantic City "Live from Daryl's house" May 27, 2011

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Why hasn't anyone written a review of this yet? I thought it was great. Todd was so energetic and happy to be up there. Daryl Hall really took a slight back seat (on purpose I think) to spotlight Todd. It was a lot of fun, another big RR community turn out. Highlights "Want of a Nail", "Wouldn't have made any difference", Last Ride, and Mich and Dave up on stage for bang the drum. All the before and after show activates were great too. Best Dinner ever with Mindy and the Ford's. Todd's getting into a vocal groove, leaving the guitar a bit (except last ride which was awesome). Anyway this "one off" was really fun.

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5/27/2011 - Music Box at The Borgata - Atlantic City, NY

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