Southern Theatre/Columbus Ohio/4.1.11

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3.31.11 - OMG!!! First took a Stretch Limo Hummer with 13 other people from Toledo to Columbus, that was so much fun! Never done that before! Dirk taught us how to sing "Sons of 1984"!!! So cool! Stayed at a Beautiful Hotel, I was in heaven, the people from the hotel couldn't have been any nicer! I haven't been to Columbus in awhile and it was kinda sad to see, not what I remember but I did take some great pictures. Just enjoyed the day off.

4.1.11 - OMG!!! Took a cab to the Southern Theatre with Lori and Kris and went next door to have a drink before the show. Tons of people were there for the show and it was great to see some new faces that I knew. The Southern Theatre was just beautiful! Show started late but they were trying to get people out of the lobby and into their seats. WOW! This show was FANTASTIC!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! St. Louis was always my favorite but this show was tied with it now. Todd's voice was FANTASTIC and you could tell he was having a good time which is always great to see from the seats. Jesse, Kasim, Prairie, Greg and Bobby were right on and the sound was EXCELLENT! The crowd was wonderful too except for some drunks, aren't there always some. How can you possibly enjoy a concert being drunk, sorry just don't get it. Sat by the same great people I stood next to in line at the record store! What are the chances of that happening! Well, I will never get sick of hearing "Useless Begging", "A Dream Goes On Forever", "The Last Ride", and ALL of HEALING! The energy at this show was just amazing! Thank you Todd for a great ride and to Doug and Mel for all your hard work and making this possible!

Rock Love, Karen

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4/01/2011 - Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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