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Friday, April 1, 2011 is a day I shall long remember and cherish. The crowd that assembled in Columbus' nicely restored and wonderfully acoustic, beautiful Southern Theatre mixed and mingled pre-show like the old friends we are; brothers and sisters waiting to join together with cousins Todd, Kas, Jessie, Prairie, Greg and Bobby in this musical experience.

The curtain came up in the theatre and the energy began to flow. The Todd set was great, nearly flawless and crackled with light, beauty and artistry. The Last Ride was outstanding and I am more amazed each time I see Bobby Strickland perform. His solo on TLR was so powerful and moving as was TR's lead. Heavy Metal Kids and Everybody Goes to Heaven just jammed hard! Prairie and Kas drove those songs and Todd unleashed the Guitar God on his Fool! Kasim's keyboard work and vocals were excellent and he played his K-bass as well as he's ever; with grace and style that brought joy as he rocked and thundered. The band was tight. Prairie was immaculate and precise. Greg's keyboard and synth work was stellar. Jessie is so freaking' great! Few guitarists are his equal. The Hocking College Vocal Ensemble and George Hertzel were excellent. They were enthusiastic and talented and excited to part of it all. And then there's Todd.

TR seemed relaxed and happy as he performed. His voice had been used a good bit over the past few days but he was clear and full of power. His piano work was very good on Don't You Ever Listen and Drunken Blue Rooster. Lord Chancellor's and King Kong Reggae were big fun. The Last Ride was as good as I've ever experienced, moving, soulful and intense.

The Healing set was just that. Todd came out and delivered his message of love and healing, reminding us that we are all children of the Great Creator worthy of Love and called to missions of being Peacemakers, Lightworkers and Healers. I was moved to tears and was filled with light and joy several times during the set and am and shall always be grateful to have been part of this. Having been in Akron, this was a wonderful closure and inspiration. Thanks to Doug and Mel and all those who made this happen and to everyone who gives themselves to love and support Todd, his work and his merry band of players. "You can be whole again, be healed again and make your body follow..." Shine you mothers!

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4/01/2011 - Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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