Friday, April 1st Southern Theater

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Knowing this was the last shown of a five-show tour in eight days makes one wonder about the outcome. Will everyone be tired and worn out, ready for it to be over? Will Todd's voice hold up after the short marathon it has run the previous shows? Well, it was Friday night and I think it's safe to say everyone had that Friday night fizzy feeling. Todd's voice sounded excellent! Bobby's sax playing filled the soul and Jesse's guitar playing was dead on. Prairie's tap dance was memorable and Kasim & Greg's playing was perfection. The "Todd" set was almost flawless and "Healing" turned into a goose bump festival thanks to the added benefit of The Hocking College Vocal Ensemble. I'm getting goose bumps again now just thinking about it as I'm writing this review. Best of all, Todd looked as though he was having as much of a good time performing as we did watching and listening. I have been to many Todd shows in the past 30 years, too many to remember. But it's safe to say, this was the best one ever.

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4/01/2011 - Southern Theatre - Columbus, OH

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