Stranahan Theater/Toledo Ohio/3.30.11

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Got up super early, went to O'Hare and got on a little plane to fly to Toledo. As I was getting on the plane who do I see but my pal Terry!!! What a great surprise! We didn't get to sit next to each other but the plane basically just went up and down and we were there! Got to the hotel and my room was ready! Hugs and kisses to all the people I knew in the lobby, what a great surprise to see Lori and Kris! Off to the record store to see Todd and get the cd sampler! Terry had went earlier to help Doug with security.

Waited in line for 2 hours, saw Todd, he was in good spirits, signed stuff, picture and off you go! It was so cool to be in a real record store! Those were the good old days! Hitched a ride to the concert and watched the backup band play, they were really good! It was a great warm up to the Todd/Healing show. The Stranahan Theater was very nice and it brought back a lot of FANTASTIC MEMORIES seeing Utopia there in the early 80's!!! The show was GREAT and the sound was amazing, the only thing was Todd's voice was not as strong but I believe he wasn't feeling well and it doesn't help that it was extremely dry, which of course makes it hard to breathe more less sing! I know I couldn't breathe! Everyone there worked their asses off, from the band to the crew, it was really great to see it again. Loved it!!! Oh, and Jesse actually smiled a couple times which doesn't happen very often! (hee hee) Todd and Jesse's stage presents is Fantastic! Everyone really plays so great together, Kasim, Prairie, Greg and Bobby, great job!

Rock Love, Karen

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3/30/2011 - Stranahan Theater - Toledo, OH

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