Todd/Healing Tour Red Bank, NJ 3/28/11

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We were very excited about being able to go to the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank to see the Todd/Healing show as it is only a half hour away from where we live. We had seen this concert on the internet and had tickets to the Morristown, NJ show last year but couldn't make it. Our seats were second row, just about center thanks to Rundgren Radio (we met Mel who was sitting by us). Everyone around us was very excited and everyone had a big, goofy smile on their face. The crowd was good and I would estimate that the bottom portion of the theater was full and at least half of the top section. I would say that we gave Todd and company their props as there was much cheering, clapping, dancing and standing ovations going on and we did our best to keep singing Sons of 1984 after the curtain came down. There was one point after Todd finished King Kong reggae (I'm guessing) and then the piano got wheeled in. When we stopped cheering he said if we cheered a little longer, he could rest. So cheer we did; to the point where he had to tell us stop. So great crowd, Todd and company in great form, wonderful music, great laser show and lights, good company, liquor, I don't know what else you need to make a perfect concert event. We were just several feet from Todd the whole night. I have run out of words to describe Todd concerts, and every time I report that the current concert was the best I've seen, another outstanding performance occurs. We are so, so lucky that he is still doing this for us. You could see that he and the band and choir were also enjoying themselves very much. Anyway, thank you Todd! Thank you band and choir! And thank you Rundgren Radio. We have not experienced a better time than we did last night. - lee

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3/28/2011 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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