boston, ma berklee performance center 03/27/11

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The show was in one, (or two) words, magical and superb!!!!!

it was a dream come true for me to have my favorite album "Healing" played live in its entirety.

As most of you know Todd and the gang opened with "Todd" first and it was great!

I sat between three guys whom i met that night.

Two of them had never been to a Todd show and boy were they were treated to quite a show!

The "Todd" portion of the show was really strong, energetic, passionate,and just great.

Highlights for me were my favorite "a dream lives on forever" and a rocked out "heavy metal kids."

Then my dream came true when the "healing" began.

i actually got chills as the first few songs were played.

The local Berklee College of Music provided some talented student singers as backup for the vocals for many of the songs for the "healing" set and they were great!

the conductor of the berklee kids was a little out of control, however, as when the show started to really kick with "time heals" and "shine," the conductor turned around and basically sang(Mouthed) his version of the songs to the audience and really should have been conducting the was pretty comical!

the problem is Todd had no idea as his back was to all of this madness!

anyway, the show was outstanding and so wonderful!

I am so grateful to Todd and the crew for coming to Boston for this tour-

it was a dream come true and a most magical night!

thanks Todd!

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3/27/2011 - Berklee Performance Center - Boston, MA

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