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Expecting opening night miscues, and there were a few. Was also expecting good sound, and the first half was a let down in that regard.

Todd hisself has never been better, and his voice grew stronger thru the night. By the end of the show, he appeared as youthful as the first time I saw him in '75. Such is the rejuvenating power of a joyful TR show!

The fool guitar was used exclusively, and Todd's soloing was particularly sweet on Last Ride and HM Kids. The real treat was Todd behind a (real) piano for Spark of Life, DB Rooster, and DYEL. Spark was a hilite as Todd accompanied himself with voice doing the kazooey melody. I've waited 37 years for that, and it was sublime.

Because the sound was so much better after the break, the Healing set was more enjoyable. Healing (the song) was an all-time hilite. Special mention must be made of Bobby Strickland, who added much texture throughout the night as well as blistering solos on Last Ride and Healing. Kasim and Jesse multi-tasked on guitars and keys, and were solid as usual. Greg Hawkes brought alot to Healing, and added much of the keys/synths vibe to the Todd songs.

Which brings me to P Prince. WTF?? He was a liability during some tunes. During Everybody's Going To Heaven, he was flailing about like he was playing Whack-a-mole. His hilite of the Todd set was his tap dance during Useless Begging. He was better during the Healing numbers, kind of like a tentative drum machine.

I rank this at the very top of all Todd shows I've seen over the years, and tho I will always have the memories, Todd please put this tour out on DVD (with the bugs worked out and me on drums!!)

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3/25/2011 - Belding Theater - Hartford, CT

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