TR in Hartford, Ct.

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I took full advantage of cleansing my mind and soul at this show. Todd mid twenties angst revisited with full dedication to detail,not to mention Todd's exploration seemingly prematurely deep themes like "Last Ride"and "Dont You Ever Learn". The highlight for me was "Don't You Ever Learn". Never did I think it possible to witness a performance of Everybody's Going To King Kong Heaven Reggae.. Glad I did. Same with the whole "Todd" album. In retrospect to the evolutionary process of the artistic creation Todd Rundgren has reflected on his albums would be directly proportional to his Mid-Thirties Epic" Healing" also done with an attention to technical detail and artistic intensity. Especially on "Time Heals" and "Shine" .Strickland kicks some major ass on "Tiny Demons" & Healing ....I had alot of fun . There is a lot of people who are listening real hard and devoted so you do want to be the only overzealous fan jumping around so I waited till others engaged to get some blood circulating.These are songs that I listen to alot thru the tears that I feel entitled to celebrate at least once. If I was a frickin U-2 fan I would be aloud to physically enjoy the music - Ummm wait what that called again =ohhhh yeah DANCING !!!Lighten up people- dont act like its a narcasistic act of some one trying to draw attention to themselves - maybe we just wanna have fun.....Check this show out if you can yo!!

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3/25/2011 - Belding Theater - Hartford, CT

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