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The concert was on Friday. Today is Sunday, and I am just now beginning to process the amazing experience that is Todd/Healing.

Todd was in fabulous form--both in voice and vibration. We (Roy and I) took my cousin and some dear friends. My cousin HAD NEVER seen Todd before--the dear friends are in the Todd groove. At intermission, my cousin said, "I don't have words for what I just saw/heard--Todd is awesome!!" I told her, "that is just the appetizer". Healing has always had a very special place in my heart, and I have always honored it and loved it as Todd's most transcendent/spiritual album. It is my favorite. Little did I know that seeing Todd perform Healing was so fantastic, so moving, so PERFECT, that I am actually speechless. Compassion, Shine, Healing 1,2,3--Todd's voice was so true, so beautiful. And the music!!! Jessie, Kasim, Prairie, Greg, Bobby, Dirk and the choir--each musician made the whole experience over the top. Todd's emotion and expression during each song touched my heart in ways that I will remember forever--and we have been fans of Todd's--and have seen over 100 concerts since 1974. And the sing along for 1984--not to be believed. My cousin said "I have never in my life experienced anything like this!" Another member of the Todd family is born! --This concert, I do not hesitate to say, is Todd as the Todd I have always known in my heart. If you have any chance of experiencing this--do it. You will be glad you did. Expect tears of bliss. Love, Carol (and Roy).

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3/25/2011 - Belding Theater - Hartford, CT

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