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The show started about 8:10. Moogy came out by himself and did a few minutes of improv, including some boogie woogie. He's as great as he ever was. Then Todd came out and sang Never Never Land. The rest of the band came out. Jessie played guitar on the first few numbers and came and went a few more times throughout the evening. Kaz with two other guys on background vocals. The rest of the set:
    Crying In The Sunshine
    Lady Face
    Dust In The Wind
    Freak Parade (Todd had trouble with the vocal and they had to stop and start a couple times)
    Another Life
    The Ikon (cut down to about 15 min; also, they slowed it down a bit)
    Heavy Metal Kids
    The Wheel
    Set Me Free (Kaz took the keyboard over from Ralph, Moogy took the solo)
    Do Ya
    The Last Ride (Moogy took the first solo)
    Freedom Fighters
    Just One Victory (halfway through, John handed the bass to Kaz)
    Sons Of 1984
    (You Gotta Have) Friends
A great show. Tight. You'd hardly think this was their second gig. Todd sang great. The only notes he couldn't hit were the last verse of Freedom Fighters. He lowered the melody. Lots of shouts from the crowd for Moogy. I thought Moogy and Ralph might go for some of the old synths and those vintage sounds, but they both had modern keyboards. Ralph, John and Moogy looked unrecognizable to me. Moogy, as you might expect, didn't look so good. The crowd seemed unfamiliar with the obscure Crying In the Sunshine and Lady Face. I thought it would be a lot of die hards who would know everything. I think those are great songs. I am a big Moogy fan.

The cameras were much less obtrusive than they were at the Glenside show.

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