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Well, I've come full circle. I was 17 when I attended my first Utopia concert in 1975 at the Loew's State Theater in Syracuse, NY and then at 53 to the Highline Ball Room in New York city last Sunday. Two nights I'll never forget. The first literally changed what and how I listened to music to this day. I still remember 36 year's later hearing "Utopia theme" and being blown away. I still remember Todd perched atop a 20 foot high speaker column singing "Born to Synthesize" Fantastic, what a night!

The show on Sunday had its own magic. Moogy's cause, every one signing along to "Sons of 1984" and "Just one Victory" and the band playing way beyond my expectations, they were great.

Making it even more special was sharing it all with my daughter Alexandra, my brother Mark, his wife Patti and son Joseph. I loved every minute of both shows, wish I could do it all over again...........

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1/30/2011 - Highline Ballroom - New York City, NY

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