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Just completed a hectic but fruitful few days seeing Todd's Johnson shows in uncharted territory. Namely Australia! Boy have I been waiting for this!

I flew from Perth Western Australia to catch TR's show at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne On Wednesday 6th.

Was lucky enough to hook with a likeminded facebook Todd fan who is a talented keyboardist (can play any Todd song) who performed a really melodic set as the support act.

Though I was initially disappointed that Todd was going to play predominately Robert Johnson tunes but that soon subsided as Todd leapt on stage to crank out "Dust My Broom."

For the next two and a bit hours TR dazzled his audience (a healthy and enthusiastic 600 or so) with his flawless guitarwork and wailing vocals.

Personal highlights for me were Black Maria, Unloved Children and No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator.

Todd's encore was the sublime Can We Still Be Friends on keyboard, I Saw The Light and Boogies. There was no doubt that the majority of fans had been yearning for more of these classics and wished that he had signed off with an anthem or two (Just One Victory, Love Is The Answer.)

Still beggars can't be choosers!

Todd then kindly visited loyal fans afterwards for autographs and pictures. Bought myself a t-shirt (signed by TR) and TR's Johnson CD. Haven't stopped playing it.

I then flew home to catch Todd in my hometown Perth playing at The One Movement Festival on Friday 8th October. TR played a 50 minute set....including less Johnson tunes this time around.

As it was late afternoon the crowd was sparse but I got to network with the diehards who were up close to the stage. Until now I always felt like I was the only fan in Perth. Have already pencilled in a Todd listening party with my new aquaintances.

Not only was I amazed with Todd's remarkable energetic performance but was heartened to hear him say after the show that "next time he visits Downunder he will play more of his original material." Here's hoping he delivers on his promise.


Gavin Bond

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10/06/2010 - Corner Hotel - Melbourne, Australia

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